EP Books, or Evangelical Press, is a long-established publisher of Christian books, based out of the United Kingdom.  EP holds to the following:

1.  To serve the Church: EP is a non-profit company that exists to serve the Church wherever there is a need for English language books. 

2.  A clear statement of belief: EP is committed to Reformed Christianity, as expressed in the Westminster Confession, the 1689 Baptist Confession, and the Savoy Declaration, where they agree.

3.  Books for the sake of truth: EP is intended to be a self-supporting organization, but it's first consideration in publishing is needed truth, rather than financial return.

4.  Books for all: EP does produces some scholarly titles, but in general, their aim is to reach all readers, in and outside the Church.

5. Wide distribution & Gospel mission: EP titles are available worldwide, and are oft distributed freely, or at a reduced rate, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

EP Books

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