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The JPL 2020 Gift Guide

The JPL 2020 Gift Guide

The 2020 JPL Gift Guide is here!

Something for every book lover on your list!



45% off with promo code THANKFUL45

This is a brand new edition of an old favorite, printed on a fine quality paper and with a luxurious gold-blocked soft-touch cover, and including cloth page marker. There are morning and evening readings for every day of the year covering all four Gospels, each reading with an additional passage suggested for further reading.



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These beautiful resources from the author’s own selection of poems and meditations are perfect as a personal devotional, a Daily Reading for Advent, or as a Christmas gift. This is a two-book set.


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Punctuated with Scriptures, prayers, and penetrating questions, these one-page devotions will give you the wisdom and assurance you need to guide your teen through these years and reach the other side with relationships intact.



Jesus: The Alpha & Omega of Bible Study


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This book focuses on the way Jesus interpreted Scripture and was revealed through Scripture … The ultimate goal of this book is for the readers to know the Christ of Scripture more intimately by using sound principles of biblical interpretation that come from Jesus Himself. 



Growing up God's Way for Boys  |  Growing up God's Way for Girls

$12.99 each

45% off with promo code THANKFUL45

Growing up God's Way for Boys and Girls are colorful, fully illustrated books available as separate versions for boys and girls ages 10-14. The artwork includes accurate biological drawings as well as cartoon illustrations to keep the young reader interested. Most importantly of all, the Bible is the constant reference point, so that what the Bible has to say about the matters dealt with is always front and center. 


Who Am I?: What the Bible Teaches About Christian Identity


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 'Christian Identity' can sound like a strange concept, but Terry Johnson rightly points to the importance of defining Christian faith by what the Bible teaches. Building on the Scripture teaching of the creation of the human race and the effects of the Fall, he shows that we need a proper theologically balanced understanding of the elements of salvation, and a clear understanding of how the biblical pictures of the Christian need to be held together. 

Lindie Lou - 4 BOOK SET


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This Four book set follows adorable puppy Lindie Lou on her adventures. Join Lindie Lou as she experiences a plane ride, a move to a new city, farm life, and the big city. This set is perfect for young kids and full of important life lessons.


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  • Carrie Schuessler
Who am I?

Who am I?

Does the world seem upside down to you? Even the most normal of norms seem to be questioned; the most basic of truths thrown out for more progressive ideas. Lest we be careful, this upending of foundational principles can seep into the Christian’s thinking, bringing doubt and confusion. Today we have the privilege of hearing from EP author and Pastor Terry Johnson who brings together his knowledge of history and theology to speak to what is true, specifically what is true about our identity in Christ. 
  • Carrie Schuessler
Are we making Bible study too complicated?

Are we making Bible study too complicated?

Bible study can often be intimidating. Everyone you ask will have a different method and opinion on how it should be done. But what if it's really much more simple than we make it? What if we simply looked at the scriptures the way Jesus did? 
  • Carrie Schuessler

Who are we?

JPL Books is a Christian fulfillment company based in Grand Rapids, MI, specializing in print books.

What do we do?

Being a Christian distribution & fulfillment company, JPL Books warehouses and ships books/material for a number of publishing companies and self-published authors.

Do you buy books?

Other than our web store, we do not purchase material from publishers/authors. We simply warehouse & distribute the material as well as handle the shipping and inventory for the companies we work with.

What kind of books do you carry?

Through the multiple publishers we work with, we carry a multitude of Christian reading material. JPL Books is pleased to offer an assortment of Biblical commentaries, Bible studies, books on marriage, parenting, and grandparenting, a variety of children's books, mystery series, a selection of Messianic Jewish material, and more.

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