Who are we?

JPL Books is a Christian fulfillment company based in Grand Rapids, MI, specializing in print books.

What do we do?

Being a Christian distribution & fulfillment company, JPL Books warehouses and ships books/material for a number of publishing companies and self-published authors.

Do you buy books?

Other than our web store, we do not purchase material from publishers/authors. We simply warehouse & distribute the material as well as handle the shipping and inventory for the companies we work with.

What kind of books do you carry?

Through the multiple publishers we work with, we carry a multitude of Christian reading material. JPL Books is pleased to offer an assortment of Biblical commentaries, Bible studies, books on marriage, parenting, and grandparenting, a variety of children's books, mystery series, a selection of Messianic Jewish material, and more.

From the Blog

Communication Tips from a Teen Counselor

Communication Tips from a Teen Counselor

Communicating with teens can be tough!

Mark Gregston is a Certa authorradio host and director of Heartlight Ministries, a residential program for struggling teens. He recently wrote on his blog about a topic many of us need help with… communicating with our teens.

Please enjoy this excerpt of 8 Keys to Better Communication with Your Teen:

  • Carrie Schuessler
Coronavirus: A familiar crisis

Coronavirus: A familiar crisis

For many of us, the Coronavirus ranks as one of the most impactful events we have ever lived through. You may have even been reassured by a friend or pastor that, “None of us knows how to navigate a pandemic.” And while this is true in the literal sense, the truth is that history offers us many examples of those who’ve suffered great loss and upheaval.

Author Shirley Stahl has spent considerable time studying this subject and offers us these thoughts, as well as an exciting announcement:

  • Carrie Schuessler
Books to read in times of crisis

Books to read in times of crisis

Crisis causes questions. Will I be okay? What will happen to my loved ones? Where is God in this? Are these signs of the end times? If you find yourself full of questions, these resources will point you toward truth and scripture.
  • Carrie Schuessler

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