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Read chapter one of Ready, Set, Married

Read chapter one of Ready, Set, Married 0

We are grateful to Dr. Mendez for sharing the first chapter of Ready, Set, Married with our readers, entitled "Commitment." We pray that it offers you insight and inspiration as you endeavor to remain committed to your spouse.
Habit formation: Here's what you're missing

Habit formation: Here's what you're missing 0

Habit formation has always been a hot topic. For years, authors such as Stephen Covey and James Clear have tackled this subject to offer ideas, inspiration, and hope to those of us who struggle to form good routines. But could there be something missing, specifically for believers? Could there be a reason that many of us try endlessly to change our habits, only to fail again and again? 
Who am I?

Who am I? 0

Does the world seem upside down to you? Even the most normal of norms seem to be questioned; the most basic of truths thrown out for more progressive ideas. Lest we be careful, this upending of foundational principles can seep into the Christian’s thinking, bringing doubt and confusion. Today we have the privilege of hearing from EP author and Pastor Terry Johnson who brings together his knowledge of history and theology to speak to what is true, specifically what is true about our identity in Christ. 

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